ICI Modules: by name

app An application framework using the tcl module's Tk interface
bignum Arbitrary precision integer arithmetic functions
cgi Functions to help in writing CGI programs
dll Provide access to native-code libraries
env Access the process environment
gl Use OpenGL for 3D graphics
glx Access OpenGL on the X Window System
gtk The Gtk GUI toolkit
html Utilties for outputting HTML documents
http Functions for performing HTTP client requests
Imlib Functions from the Imlib library for the X Window System
is Character class testing.
long A 64-bit integer type.
misc A place to collect unrelated, utility functions.
net Sockets access for network programming
path Pathname manipulation functions
posix Implementations for system calls missing from base ICI
pq An interface to the PostgreSQL database system
ps Functions for producing PostScript graphics output
serialisation Reading and writing of arbitrary objects using files
str String processing utilties
sys System calls and operating system access functions
tcl A binding to the Tcl language and Tk GUI toolkit
utype User-defined ICI types
uuid UUID creation and processing functions
X An interface to Xlib
xml XML parsing and processing