ICI Modules

The ICI modules are a collection of re-usable software components for ICI, i.e, a library. The modules provide access to various features such as system calls, networking, windowing, graphics, text processing and has a variety of other librarys for handling common programming chores. The modules are designed for use with ICI's auto-loading mechanism providing ease of use. The names adopted by and within modules are intended to be descriptive allowing for easy to read (and write) programs. The results are mixed of course.


Source Code

The modules have had two releases. These are very much preliminary as much development occurs across many of the modules and much development is planned. The modules are provided as a separate CVS checkout from SourceForge and are under constant development. Tracking the head of the tree is not undesirable as numerous bugs are fixed and features added.

To obtain the modules using CVS use the following command (following a CVS login),

$ cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.ici.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ici co ici-modules


Module documentation is available as HTML and is of mixed quality and quantity. Efforts are underway to change it to a standard format (as may be seen in several of the current pages) and to complete the module documentation.