The ICI source code is freely available. ICI is written in portable C and configurations for various Unix systems, Microsoft Windows,  Macintosh Mac OS X. ICI has also been ported to a number of embedded systems. ICI is developed primarily on Unix systems and shows bias to Unix in terms of support for OS functionality however adding to the base language is straightforward and ICI is easily adapted to many environments.

Source is available using a number of methods. The ICI CVS repository is hosted at SourceForge , the ici project . The repository may be accessed directly or nightly snapshots may be downloaded via FTP, see the documentation at that site for details. To obtain ICI source it is recommended you track the head of main CVS branch. I.e., use the following to obtain the source from SourceForge,

$ cvs login
$ cvs ici
The module collection is available from CVS too,
$ cvs co ici-modules


Releases are distributed as a gzipped tar file containing the source code, Makefiles and configurations for several systems as well as the ICI documentation in a number of formats.

ICI may be downloaded from SourceForge

See the user contributed software section for extensions and applications written in ICI .